24U Virtual Games

We are happy to introduce the 1st Dragon Boat Canda 24U Virtual Games, brought to you by the Dragon Boat Canada Youth Racing Committee!

The Virtual Games is a virtual competition where 24U (athletes aged 12-24 inclusive) dragon boat teams across Canada compete in various judged fitness challenges. On the day(s) of the event, the videos will be played via a live stream, with scores updated in real time. The participants from each of the top three teams of the event will receive a special prize. chosen among the prize pool.

This event will provide an opportunity for recruits and returning paddlers to stay fit and compete with other athletes across the country. Everyone registered is automatically entered into a random draw where they have a chance to win amazing prizes! Funds allowing, there will be a chance for at least one individual per team to win additional prizes, regardless of overall team standing.

For registration and more information on race details, check out the FAQ or contact studentracing@dragonboat.ca if you have any questions.

Check out our partner event as well: the 2020 Canadian U24 Indoor Championships!

Thank you for checking out our page, and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

Deadline to register is January 20th, with the early bird deadline is January 7th, 2021.

If you are not already a 2021 member with DBC, go to this link to complete your DBC membership through your club.  If your club has not yet submitted their club membership application, you will not be able to register with DBC through your club.  Reach out and encourage your club to submit your membership.  If this is not an option, email DBC at director@dragonboat.ca and we will assist you.

Q and A

1. Do I need to get the regional or the national DBC membership?
You can get either one! If you decide to get the regional membership and later on decide that you want to get the national membership, you can upgrade simply by paying the difference.
2. Does each person need to do all 5 sets of exercises?
No! Each pair of athletes only does one set of exercises. Example: Male 1 and Female 1 do the exercises for Pair 1, consisting of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of squats, and 1 minute of alternating ladder pushups and squats for a total of 3 straight minutes. That's it! Male 2 and Female 2 would both do the exercises for Pair 2, etc. Note that the entire team of 10 people is encouraged to participate in the Bonus (optional) DB-related Tik-tok video.
3. Do we need to physically be together to film the exercises?
No! Each individual films their exercises separately, and videos should be submitted as 10 individual links (+1 link to the DB-related Tik-tok video, if you choose to do that) via this submission form.
4. My club hasn't registered with DBC yet. How do I register as a member?
You can register as an independent! Contact director@dragonboat.ca if you have any questions on registration.
5. How do prizes work?
The top 3 teams will get first, second, and third choice in picking their prizes from the prize pool. The rest of the prizes will be distributed via random draw, which will take place live at the end of the event. Some prizes are region-specific, such as SUP/Kayak rentals, and so unfortunately can only be won by a team (or a member representative of the team) from that region. Other items, such as the set of adjustable dumbbells cannot be shipped due to their weight, but are available for pick-up only. Finally, many prizes are available across Canada and have no restrictions on region. If you have questions about any of the specific prize items, please contact studentracing@dragonboat.ca
6. How will the livestream work?
A YouTube Live link will be sent out to all participants and posted on the Facebook event page the day of the event where people can view the videos and live commentary. A (moderated) chat will also be available for audience members to participate and interact. This chat will be monitored by our commentators, who can reply to questions and comments live during the event.
7. Will a viewing schedule be sent out?
A schedule will be sent out closer to the final date once we have a better idea of how many teams will be participating.
8. I missed the January 7 deadline! What do I do?
No worries! The deadline to register is January 20, which is also the deadline to submit videos. If you happen to miss this deadline, contact studentracing@dragonboat.ca and we'll see what we can do! (But please don't miss this deadline because we need time to go over the judging and event preparation).
9. I have more questions, who do I contact?
Please contact studentracing@dragonboat.ca with any other questions you may have!

The event is finished.

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