Membership and Affiliation

Dragon Boat Canada has two classes of membership; Voting Members (Clubs) and Non-Voting Members (Individuals and Festivals).  Any individual, sport association, business sport activity centre or person interested in or involved in dragon boating activities may become a non-voting member of DBC.

Club Membership

DBC's membership year is from January 1 – December 31.  Membership is available for a one year term.  Membership fees are calculated on the basis of DBC's membership year and will not be pro-rated.

General Liability insurance eligibility
Directors and Officers insurance eligibility
Important updates on dragon boating in Canada
Inclusion in National Ranking Program
Club activities posted on DBC Facebook page
Vote rights at meetings of Members (subject to minimum registrant requirements – please see DBC's articles and by-laws for further details)


0-30 registrant* members $67.50 + HST
31-100 registrant* members $125.00 + HST     
101-200 registrant* members $187.50 + HST
201-300 registrant* members $250.00 + HST
301 or more registrant* members $312.50 + HST

*Registrants are paddlers, drummers, steerspersons/helms, coaches officials and other individuals constituting the membership of a club

All memberships are completed on line in the DBC registration platform – Trackie.  2024 Club and Individual membership is now open.  All 2023 Member Clubs shall receive registration information. If you have a new club or are looking  for more information regarding DBC membership, please contact DBC at


The course is intended for anyone interested in entry level coaching.
Some of the material covered in the course includes: safety, ethics in coaching, coach-athlete communication, basic dragon boat technique, basic physiological requirements of dragon boat racing, race planning, practice planning, etc.  Accreditation requirements include course attendance, successful completion of assignment, proof of Pleasure Craft Operators License and proof of current First Aid.


Individual Member

Any individual who is interested in or involved in promoting dragon boating activities may become an Individual Member of DBC.

All paddlers, drummers, steerspersons/helms and other individuals constituting the membership of a Club are required to be Individual Associates of a Club member of DBC (these individuals are then considered “registrants” under DBC's bylaws.

Individual Members who are registrants are eligible to participate in the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships, the Can American Championships and/or participate in the selection process for international club crew events (e.g. Club Crew World Championships).

An Individual Member cannot be the registrant of more than one Club member of DBC during any DBC membership year.  Individual Associates may apply to DBC to transfer from one Club to another Club (please contact DBC at  for more information). Each individual can only do one transfer per membership year. Additional membership fees shall apply.

All coaches and support staff of a DBC sanctioned crew participating in an IDBF World Championships, IDBF Club Crew World Championship, Canadian Dragon Boat Championship, or recognized Sport Race. must be Individual Associates, either as members (registrants) of a Club member of DBC or independently.

All individuals participating in the selection process for Team Canada for an IDBF World Championship are required to be Individual Associates, whether through a Club member of DBC or independently.


  • Eligible to participate in the selection process for Team Canada

  • Eligible for special pricing with DBC vendors (e.g. BOATSmart)

  • Eligible for DBC Athlete Insurance program

  • Eligible for DBC Coaches and Steerspeople Commercial Liability Insurance for accredited Coaches, and Steerspeople

  • Eligible for pfd exemption where available

Individual Associate Fees

Individual Associate fees are calculated on the basis of DBC's membership year (January 1 – December 31), are non-transferable and will not be pro-rated.

One Year Membership:  $30.00 + provincial taxes.


  • Participation in National Team process

  • Eligibility for Canadian Dragon Boat Championships age based racing

  • Eligibility for Elite Race Series

  • Eligibility  for the Club Crew World Championships process

  • Eligibility for the Pan American Club Crew Championships

  • Access to Sport (Division I) Racing where available

How to Register

Contact your club, if you are not a member of a club, then you can complete your membership directly with DBC in the DBC registration platform. 2024 Membership shall open January 8th, 2024. For more membership information contact DBC at


All Individual Members receive an accreditation card for use as recognized ID at DBC recognized club crew sport races, the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships and other DBC recognized events.  DBC cards are the only ID that will be recognized and accepted for marshalling and qualifying purposes at these events.  Crew Captains may also provide official signed attestation.

For more information regarding Individual Associate status, please contact DBC at

Festival Membership/Event

Any individual, corporation, unincorporated organization or other person that owns or organizes a dragon boat festival or racing event in Canada may become a a Festival Associate of DBC.


  • Eligibility to be a Race Series Event ( may include PACCC and CCWC qualifying)

  • Access to the DBC Festival Insurance Program

  • Assistance in securing of DBC Officials

  • Consideration for Life-Jacket Exemptions for your event

  • Important updates on Dragon Boating in our country

  • Access to Coaching Clinics

  • Access to Officials Clinics

  • Inclusion in the National Ranking Program

  • Festival Link Posted on the DBC website

  • Identification as a DBC Festival Member

Festival Associate Fees

The Event Membership fee is $200 plus applicable taxes.  More information is available from

Complete membership here.

Additional Information

  • Club Crew Sport Races may be held independently or within a Festival. 

  • Club Crew Sport Races must abide by the rules and regulations of DBC racing and cannot be mixed with crews that are not DBC sport race eligible crews (made up of DBC Individual Associates from the same DBC Member Club).

  • To gain status as a Sport Racing Regatta, an application including pertinent information on the sport racing must be reviewed and approved by the DBC Festival Director.  

For more information regarding Festival Associate status, please contact DBC at

Corporate Associate

Any individual, corporation or other person including a dragon boat club (other than a DBC Club member), sport association, business involved in the sport of dragon boat racing or a sport activity centre interested or involved in furthering or promoting the objectives of DBC may become a Corporate Associate of DBC.

Please contact DBC at to discuss opportunities.