Para Dragon Boat

From Stroke-Survivor to Dragon Boater: Sandro François Shares His Story

In 2010, athlete and ‘gentle giant’ Sandro François, experienced not one, but two strokes at the age of 25 and had to relearn everything again: how to speak, how to be independently mobile, how to manage in his new reality.

Just the Way You Are

A Para Athlete’s Struggle with Body Dysmorphia, Anorexia Athletica,and Major Depressive Disorder By Randy Pinsky ‘Para athlete’ conjures up images of high performing athletes who …

Off-Balance But Community-Grounded: Canada’s First Dragon Boat Team for Paddlers with MS

Check out this article about how Sydney Spragg enhancing the quality of life for her and others through the dragon boat team sport.


Keeping the Motivation

Finding your motivation sluggish? We have some tips to get the fire under your butt going!

Think Positive

Keep Positive, Even During Lock Downs (Again)

Get through those lockdown blues with positivity.

Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity in Sport

Employ positivity in your pandemic survival toolkit.