Canadian Dragon Boat Championships 2023

The most competitive event anywhere! At the 2023 Canadian Dragon Boat Championships (July 20-23 at the Welland International Flatwater Centre) DBC will be introducing a Small Crew Racing Class for all Age and Gender Categories.

Just the Way You Are

A Para Athlete’s Struggle with Body Dysmorphia, Anorexia Athletica,and Major Depressive Disorder By Randy Pinsky ‘Para athlete’ conjures up images of high performing athletes who have overcome physical challenges or disabilities to succeed in their chosen sport. The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) has gone a step further and also includes a category on psychological …

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Canadian Dragon Boat Championships

The most competitive event anywhere! Includes Junior, 24 and Under, University, Premier, Senior A (39+), Senior B (49+), Senior C (59+), Senior C (69+), Para Dragon and Breast Cancer Survivor.