The Power of Positivity in Sport

Power of Positivity
Embrace the beauty

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Allow me to be candid…2020 stinks, stank, stunk. Especially for the team sport we all love. With winter fast approaching, the feeling of sadness or even FOMO (fear of missing out – for those without teenagers in the house) seems stronger than past years.

The suspension of team sports and social gatherings has been trying to say the least. As paddlers, we missed out on a lot this year. We have, however, endured and this time will make us better paddlers. Yes, it will (for all you eye rollers out there).

Adjust Your Mindset

It's easy to focus on the negativity the pandemic has pushed to the surface. It can be hard to get away from the emotionally crushing news of numbers going up, Holiday gatherings restricted or eliminated all together.

Break free.

Adjust your mindset toward positive thinking. What is that you ask? It's a shift in your mental and emotional output. Positive thinking helps you focus on the good and on the future outcomes that will benefit you. If you want to learn more about positive thinking and how you can shift towards it, check out this article by Tony Robbins.

The more you allow yourself to focus on the negative outcomes from the pandemic, the more you will feel down. Don't regret that you missed the 2020 season, the decision was not yours to miss it. It was forced upon you.

How to break free?

I'd like to tell you it will be easy, but it will take some work. First, answer these questions:

How did your team innovate to stay in touch?

What did you do to stay healthy and physically active?

What did you learn about your team mates because you communicated differently?

Hopefully you answered some of those questions with a smile. Begin shifting your focus, it's not what this year took from Dragon Boat as a sport. Focus on what it taught you as an athlete.

If you could not answer any of those questions with a positive answer, try again. Or ask yourself different questions. Sit and think about the creative lessons the lockdown gave you.

You are an athlete, moreover you are a paddler. You don't quit because it got tough, it just made you stronger.

You're Already a Better Paddler

Yes you are.

You have stayed connected with our community, strengthened bonds with your team and discovered new ways to train and stay active. The world cannot hold you back from what you love.

Maintain a positive mindset, don't let the bad news of the world drag you down. Evolve and overcome any obstacles thrown at you. And I promise, when we all get to meet at the starting line again, you'll be the stronger paddler for it.


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