Keep Positive, Even During Lock Downs (Again)

Think Positive

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You’re the toughest person around. You’re a dragon boat athlete, you endured a season off the water and away from your family, friends and team.

We know you long for that beautiful dragon boat. The way your heart races at the starting line, the spray of water and the sound of the drum. 

You miss the gym. Training with your team in anticipation of the season ahead. 2020 took much of that from us, and 2021 is still full of the unknown.

So, how do you keep positive when the future is uncertain?

Take a deep breath

Chances are at least one person who reads this will not be able to accept that which they cannot control. We have no control over this virus or over the actions of strangers. We cannot control the decisions the government makes about our sport.

Focus on what you can control. You can stay safe, keep others around you safe and be kind.

Try to focus on the things in your life you can do. You can go out for a run. Do a virtual workout with your best friend or coach. You can cuddle at home with your partner or furry friend.

If you need a moment to reflect, take one, heck take two! Push all the negative thoughts out. They have no place in your life. 

Take a deep breath, think only about your breath as you bring it in and let it out.

Focus on something that makes you happy, anything. Nothing can take that from you. 

If you just thought about being in a dragon boat with your team, the sun on your shoulders and a paddle in your hand, that’s great.

Keep thinking about it. Not about how much you miss it, but about how you can get back to it. No one has taken your team away, they’re just a phone call or text message away. No one has taken the boats away. They’re waiting for you. 

Remember, this pandemic won’t last forever. It will end, we need to remain patient and do what we can to stay safe and help other people be safe.


What amazed us most during the first wave of shut downs was how our community came together and supported each other.

We saw Zoom work outs and training. Funny and inspirational messages from athletes of all abilities reminding us that this was just a bump in the road.

This next wave of closures will surely provide us with even more innovative dragon boat concepts. 

Virtual races, Fire Side meetings and plans on how to return safely to the water are all happening right now.

Nothing stays the same forever, this pandemic has shown us that the dragon boat community is filled with inspirational human beings. 

Because of you, dragon boat will return to the water, stronger than before. 

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