How Does Dragon Boat Improve Communication

Communication gone wrong

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Communication is the keystone of human interaction. Verbal and body language are two main forms of communication that we use daily to covey information to other members of our community.

As you likely know, communication between coaches and teammates is vital to better training and winning races. When done properly, clear and concise communication helps build stronger teams and a stronger you.

Perhaps you have never taken into consideration how your interaction with your coach and teammates has seeped into your personal and professional lives. As you read, consider the skills you have gained from Dragon Boat and how they have paddle their way into your daily life.

Verbal Communication

For the majority of us, language is our primary means of communication, be it verbal, sign or written. When your teammate or coach tells you “Hey, great job today. Your time has improved by 1.3 seconds. Be proud” they communicated something positive to you. Chances are you’re excited and proud!

What happened after that? Did you go home or to work and tell your family and friends about your success?

Verbal communication is not always positive or clear, though. When your coach or teammates say “It was alright today.” How do you feel? Confused, anxious, happy, giddy? 

Mixed Emotion
Various emotions

Remember, be clear, even with your tone of voice. An upward inflection often coveys happiness while a monotone may have connotations of sadness or disappointment. 

Have you taken these considerations to home, work or school? Being conscious about the way you like to be told something can help improve your communication with others. Don’t just tell your boss that your awesome and that’s why you deserve a raise. Be clear, you improved efficiency by 10% and planned an amazing surprise birthday party for a colleague, boosting morale. That’s why you deserve a raise.

Communicating clearly with your Dragon Boat team helped you get that raise! 

Body Language Speaks Volumes

You’re already a master on the water, your training and practices have paid off. The posture and physical confidence you developed from all that Dragon Boat training doesn’t go away once you leave the water.

Use those incredible back and shoulder muscles to convey confidence when interacting with others. A strong posture tells another person a great deal about you without saying a word. 

A confident stance (sometimes referred to as ‘superhero’ stance) helps boost your belief in yourself. Try it, be confident, the way Superman stands after he saves the day. Hands on your hips, head high for a few minutes. How do you feel?

Confident Panda Stance

Don’t maintain that posture all the time, people might think you have a bit of a complex (just a suggestion). Keeping your torso straight with your head high will tell others that you’re a confident person.

Communication for Conflict Resolution 

When you find yourself in a disagreement with someone, do you usually have more success when you yell at each other or calm down and discuss the issue? 

We’ll assume you chose the latter. 

Conflict communication can perhaps, be the most difficult form of human interaction. When emotions are involved it can be hard to think clearly and not say something we might regret.

If you have a disagreement with your coach or another teammate, what was your solution? If you scream and have a fit the issue will never be resolved. It will grow into a large concern and you may find yourself sitting on the shore.

The Shore Is No Fun

The techniques you use to calmly address concerns with your coach or team can be applied to all facets of your life. When your boss does something that you feel is incorrect, yelling at them will find you in the unemployment line. A calm discussion may not resolve the issue, but it will move it forward towards a solution.

Let’s Sum It Up

Maybe you never thought about how your Dragon Boat team has helped your every day communication. It has. The effective communication you learn to develop with your coach and team, the easier it becomes in your every day life.

  • Clear and concise verbal communication
  • Body language speaks volumes
  • Conflicts are better resolved with tact than anger
  • Dragon Boat makes every facet of life better 

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