5 Reasons to Join a Dragon Boat Team

Dragon Boat Team
Paddlers enjoying practice in beautiful scenery

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Written by Linda Kloschinsky

Why I should join a dragon boat team?

You will surely discover your own reasons for joining, and loving Dragon Boat; with so many reasons out there, I can’t possibly list them all.

Dragon Boat is a sport that can be pursued by anyone of any age and ability; including cancer survivors and those with disabilities. That’s what makes dragon boating so special, not to mention it is a great way to socialize and have fun too!

Dragon boating is one of the largest and fastest growing water sports in the world, with an ancient Chinese past and a very promising future. 

Dragon Boat Teams Practicing

Top 5 Reasons To Join A Dragon Boat Team

After asking members of my team, we came up with our top 5 reasons why you should join a Dragon Boat team:

Low cost and easy to start

Compared to other sports, fees for Dragon Boating are minimal to get started. Your equipment needs such as lifejackets and paddles are usually supplied by the facility you train at. As you become more competitive and travel further, the fees will increase.

Increase your overall fitness

You do not need to worry about being fit or an elite athlete to join. All your body parts get a good workout including back, shoulders, lats, legs and core. It is a great cross fit training sport or alternative to spending hours running on a treadmill. You will get fitter, burn fat without really noticing, and best of all you will have fun while doing it.

Great way to make friends

You will not only have an opportunity to paddle with family and friends, but you will also meet new people of different nationalities and professions. It’s a great way to socialize and network with others. Many friendships are made in this sport and some that last a lifetime.  

Improves mental health

Research studies show that regularly participating in a team sport lowers levels of stress and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise such as paddling stimulates chemicals in your brain which helps to improve your overall mood, learning, and memory. It also helps you sleep better and boosts your self-confidence.

Great to be part of a team

Dragon Boating is the ultimate team sport, consisting of a drummer, steersperson, and 20 paddlers who work together in unison to move the boat forward quickly and smoothly. Being part of a team is so much more than just training and competing together. It is about building harmony, sportsmanship, and a feeling of camaraderie. You will be able to train with people who share common interests and have opportunities to grow your skill level at your own pace. 

Meeting New People on Your Team Is One of the Best Aspects of Dragon Boat

To Sum it All Up

Whether you are athletic or just looking for a social activity, Dragon Boating has something for everyone. 

Not all teams are the same so find one that fits your interests and desires whether it is recreational or competitive or something in between

Get started by contacting Dragon Boat Canada to find a local club. Be active, challenge yourself, and be part of a dragon boat team today.

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