3 Off Season Training Tips

Train hard
Training off season for a better on season

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You may be realizing, the time to get out on the water is short here in Canada. Freezing to death in ice cold water thing can really put a damper in your Dragon Boat training routine!

Icy cold water is no place for a paddler. Never attempt to train on the water during mild winters or early spring- no matter how tempting.

Cold, icy water is never safe to paddle on

You have options to keep your skills up and your team sharp, even though you can’t head out onto the water for a few more months.

Hit The Pool

Jump in! Swimming is an amazing exercise for everyone! Swimming improves your cardiovascular strength, your lung capacity, work out your shoulders and back, improve leg muscles and abdominals. You will also feel more comfortable around the water.

Involve your whole team! Book some lanes at your local community pool and get the whole team into the water! 

This will help keep your team strong and bonded and you can even have a little competitive fun!

Don’t Neglect The Gym

Many people don’t like going to the gym, hating the feeling of confinement or just the yucky smell of sweat. 

Your local gym might be the best way to stay in shape and prepare you to kick butt next season. Unless, of course you have a home gym!

There are many articles dedicated to work-out routines for Dragon Boat. Check out Stratford Dragon Boat's post and Paddle Chica's suggestions on workouts.

Even without a workout routine in play, be sure to hit the gym a few times a week. If you can, involve your team (or at least team members who live close to the same gym).

Work out, feel great, race hard


We cannot be there every day to encourage you to train, however we suggest that you do find what motivates you!

A mantra might help encourage you to train, or a friend or family member might help in your motivation? Involving your team can help keep you accountable to your training routine!

If you really do prefer the idea of pyjama pants over workout clothes, check The Positivity Blog out to help motivate yourself!

You can’t get the boat into the water, but that does not mean Dragon Boat training stops!

Get out there and kick butt, we expect big things from you next racing season!

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