Do you have a Cancer Survivor Team at your Club or Event?

Did you know that an All Cancer category has been added to this summers Canadian Club Crew Championships?

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Did you know that an All Cancer category has been added to this summers Canadian Club Crew Championships? More information is available at the link below.

If you have a team made up of cancer survivors at your club or festival, we want to hear from you!DBC is working with Simon Venner from Dragon Zone to connect the cancer survivor dragon boat community. If you have a crew out there, we want to hear from them!

From Simon:

I am a Co-captain of Butts In A Boat, the prostate cancer survivor team paddling out of the Dragon Zone in Vancouver BC. We are under the impression that we are the only prostate cancer survivor team in Canada and most likely the world. While prostate cancer affect approximately 1 in 8 men and being men, we tend to shut-up about our affliction and it is difficult to grow our membership. As survivors we know that one of the best ways of delaying the inevitable is to get lots of exercise. After 4 years we have yet to be able to grow enough to put 2 boats on the water.

In light of this we would like to make contact with other cancer survivor teams (especially prostate cancer survivor teams if there are any others) with the aim of setting up possibly some friendly competition or at the least some information sharing. 

We also understand there will be a new all cancer survivor division at the 2020 Canadian Club Crew Championships and the 2022 Club Crew World Championships. We are interested in possibly attending and wondering which other teams or countries might also be considering this international event.

If you are willing to participate in information sharing we would love to hear from you and invite you to contact either our team captain Vince Schiralli at [email protected] , me Simon Venner at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected]

Thank you,
Simon Venner

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